Clothing & Footwear

Goal: Adequate clothing and footwear

Clothing Room

  • Located at the Ranchlands location, clients can shop for free clothing, footwear and children books and toys
  • Clothing donated by community residents
  • Footwear provided by the New Balance in Crowfoot Centre and community residents

Children’s Winter Clothing

  • Referrals to various agencies supplying winter wear for children such as Salvation Army, Project Warmth, Jacket Racket, Neighbourhood Link, Boots for Kids/Adults

Clothing Give-Aways

  • Assistance with promotion and/or direct referrals for clothing giveaways sponsored by local churches or service groups


  • Given on an as needed basis to agencies such as WINS, The Walk In Closet and My Best Friend’s Closet
  • Payment, through the Basic Needs Fund, for work boots or other items needed for employment