Family & Parenting

Meet and talk with other parents in an environment that makes it easy for you to take home great information about how to be an even better parent.

BowWest parenting workshops cover a variety of topics. Some workshops are run as a series. Others focus on a particular topic like discipline, stress, or brain development.

Supervised play programs are included with all of our parenting classes. This gives caregivers a chance to relax and learn while their children play nearby.

Want to learn more?  BowWest also facilitates one-on-one sessions with workshop specialists or Community Advocates

Nurturing Parenting Workshops

BowWest offers parenting workshops in a community setting. Children are welcome and supervised play programs are provided for caregivers attending the workshops.

Topics include: Brain Development; Ages & Stages; Managing Parental Stress; Family Values & Rules; Dealing with Stress
Individual meetings with workshop specialists can be arranged after sessions.

Lone Parenting Workshops

Lone Parenting Workshops are designed by single parents to help others better manage parenting issues that confront lone parents. Individual meetings with Community Advocate can be arranged after sessions.

Parent Cafes

These parent-get-togethers are led by a facilitator who focuses on topics based on participant input mainly on child health development. Individual meetings with Community Advocate can be arranged after sessions.

Healthy Babies Network

BowWest helps with referrals to Healthy Babies Network. The network provides pregnant women access to prenatal health care, social supports and nutrition. Support for new mothers and their babies includes:

Telus Spark Passes

A pass for 6 people free for one week’s use ( limited to  people already using BowWest's services.)


Kiwanis Bikes for the Family

BowWest helps people access free refurbished bikes and new helmets for the whole family. Bikes are provided by the Kiwanis Club of Calgary.

Baby Formula & Diapers

People who need access to free baby formula can contact BowWest for help connecting to the appropriate program. BowWest can provide emergency diapers to mother's in need.

Reduction of Financial Barriers for Recreation

BowWest helps families access free- and reduced-rate recreational programs. Programs include:

Calgary Reads

BowWest supports children’s literacy through its connection to Calgary Reads. Calgary Reads provides free books to children based on their reading levels and areas of interest. Books are distributed to people who visit BowWest offices or attend Parenting workshops or family events in which BowWest is involved.